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Participants' Review

“WCF is so diverse, that you could actually see people get inspired by that! It is precisely what you should take from Davos – inspiration from a different field which helps you to reflect on your own work and make improvements!"

Daniel Holtgen, Director of Communications at the Council of Europe

“I have no idea how they did it, but in the past several years the organizers have managed to create the liveliest, engaging and influential event in our industry – this Davos meeting is an absolute phenomenon!”

Paul Holmes, founder and CEO of the Holmes Report and SABRE awards

“Impressive event partners, diversity of speakers and participants, superb event brand and co-branding with the location of Davos – a great organization! We had a very profitable time.”

Juan Carlos Belloso, Director of Future Places and Advisor to Barcelona Brand project, Spain

"WCFDavos is a prestigious event that gathers experts and participants from all over the world. Besides exchanging ideas and profiting from the unique networking opportunity, we establish remarkable connections that turn into meaningful friendships. The content is impressive with all debates and discussions. Kudos to the organisers! I am proud to be part of it all. I’ve been to many conferences – you go, you listen, you talk and then get back home. Professionally you gain something, but personally – you don’t. WCFDavis is different and very close to my heart, due to the relations with the participants – people that I get to know and I actually go to visit!”

Nurul Ashiqin Shamsuri, CEO of Lubri Oil Corporation, Malaysia

“I am quite confident that the event will attain its unique name, fame and stage in the communication industry globally. I wish this forum good luck and the very best of future!”

Yogesh Joshi, President of ABCI, India

“I arrived without many expectations – I’ve seen similar events where you more or less get bored, as participants try to promote themselves or sell their company... I am very much surprised finding here a unique community, such who really bring out topics they engage with and voice a message others should debate on. It’s a great format!”

Alfred Koblinger, CEO of BBDO Holding, Austria

“I find truly interesting the discussion on Global vs. Local, and the event as a whole. The debates are on a high level. It all helps to improve the communications function.I think this should be the ultimate goal of this kind of conferences!”

Andre Manning, Global Vice President Corporate Communications of Philips

“It’s fantastic! Very exciting conference! The quality of participants is high, the international scoop is really impressive. There should definitely be more people from my region - we can learn a lot! We have to come, listen and interact with the businesses and people here... Or perhaps we could bring the event over there, in Asia?”

Casey Lau, co-founder of StartupsHK, Community Developer for SoftLayer's Catalyst Startup Program, Hong Kong

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